Sunday, November 25, 2018

Great Camping Requires Great Preparation... or at least SOME Preparation!

An empty camper refrigerator may possibly make for an awful camping trip. We certainly don't want to test that theory, so off to Wally-World we go!  This video was primarily intended as a test run for our new GoPro Hero 7 Black action camera, but the resulting footage was entertaining enough (at least it was to us) that we want you to see just how unplanned and off-the-cuff our trip preparation can sometimes be.  Give it a look-see over at the YouTube channel!

Smokey and Jessie

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"Live 'n' Learn RV" Takes Flight!!!

Hey, there, Happy Campers!

I couldn't stand it any longer!  We've only been on two camping adventures so far and have had lots of fun taking photos and video, but I've already felt that I'm leaving behind some beautiful images by not having one of those fancy-schmancy drones so many YouTubers have and use so wonderfully.  Well, the internet is good for lots of things, among the best being finding "deals," and Lo and Behold, a little bit of Google-Fu leads me to a sale of the previous generation Mavic Pro done!  Since there's a new model of the Mavic Pro currently on the market, the previous generation is no longer in production, and retailers are clearing out their stock.  One mouse-click and credit-card transaction later, BOOM!, we have a drone!

I suppose this post qualifies as a "tease," since I'm not going to add any "WOW" photos taken from 400 feet in the air just yet, but we did make a short video of our first flight.  Keep your eyes open for that over on the YouTube channel, probably available sometime in December after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip to Santee State Park... which is tomorrow!

Until then, you all keep Livin' and Learnin'!


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mission 002 - Paris Mountain State Park

Our adventures continue!  As we previously mentioned, our second trip in the Aluminum Falcon was just a few weeks ago, and we now have the moving pictures to prove it!  Swing on over to our YouTube channel (via the link below) and see for yourself what a wonderful time we had discovering this small patch of well-preserved nature right next to the big city of Greenville, SC.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Moving Pictures!!!

Well, we promised ourselves that we were going to wait quite some time before we began uploading videos to our YouTube channel, but after spending an entire weekend editing our SECOND video, I just couldn't stand the thought of the FIRST video still remaining unseen.  Thus, here you are - our video "Mission Report" of our first RV adventure from last month.

Please keep in mind that yours truly is a novice videographer, and I assure you the quality of our videos will improve as time goes by.  If, by some chance, you come across this blog and our channel after many months have passed, then you'll see - we've improved! (I'm being positive in hope of influencing the course of future events, so just roll with me, folks...)

As it helps increase viewership of the channel, I do hope all of you will hit Thumbs-Up on this video, and all subsequent ones, and Subscribe so you'll get a cyber-nudge when new videos appear there.  It goes without saying that we also look forward to your feedback, both there and here, so comment away!