Friday, January 1, 2021

A New Year, and Things are Better ALREADY!!!

Happy New Year, fellow Campers!  Jessie here to remind you (as if you didn't already know) that 2020 is OVER... Thank GOD!!!  Yes, yes, it's true that all of our collective woes won't magically vanish now that the calendar has flipped, but our hopes must have a starting point, and a New Year is as good a time as any to make the resolution to work on having a better year (gee, maybe that "resolution" thing could become an annual tradition... or something...).  

In our own little world, things are looking up!  Amongst our many blessings, the two things that stand out the most are 1) my recent surgery went very well, and I'm recovering even quicker than expected, and 2) Smokey has found a new full-time job!  While these two wonderful events will have lots of positive effects on our lives, the thing all of you care about the most is that we can making camping plans again! Woo-Hoo!!  Here's what we have on the agenda so far: 

We'll be headed for Hamilton Branch State Park for the weekend of Valentine's Day next month.  We hear nice things about the park from others here in our area that camp there, and it's nearby, so it'll be a good choice for "dipping our toes" back into camping after the winter layoff.   

In mid-March, we'll FINALLY venture back out into the world outside the Central Savannah River Area, over to Chester State Park.  Chester is one of South Carolina's original sixteen state parks, and is popular with fishermen and disc-golfers... which makes one wonder what we'll do there, since we're neither of those things... Oh, who are we kidding!?  It's camping, so it'll still be great! 

The last thing we have confirmed for the new year will be a long journey... for us, at least!  The first of April will find us dragging the Aluminum Falcon all the way to Desoto State Park over in Forth Payne, Alabama!  Smokey's new employer closes down for the Masters golf tournament every April, and I'm on Spring Break that same time each year, so off we'll go on a week-long adventure! 

That's all so far, but of course, we hope we'll be adding more destinations to our agenda as the year progresses!  Stay tuned!  Oh, how 'bout all of you?  Tell us what's on YOUR agenda for the new year!  Maybe you'll make us jealous!