Friday, October 5, 2018

Oh! You're here! Good!

Hi!  We're the Smoaks!  Thanks for stumbling across our blog.  Forgive the rawness, as this is without question a work-in-progress, and neither of us has any clue about the intricacies of blogging, like HTML editing and such.  Have no fear, though, because until just a few months ago, we had no clue about the finer points of RV ownership, either, and we're quickly getting the hang of that!  Hence our name for this blog, where we share how we have entered into this fantastic sub-culture and learned all kinds of new things by jumping in head-first and living through it.  "Live 'n' Learn" is a phrase we have said to each other COUNTLESS times over the last six months, primarily as a way of calming each other down when we began to get frustrated with some new dilemma that arose as we searched for the RV that was perfect for us, or when towing it a long distance for the first time, or when trying to determine just why in the heck our refrigerator wouldn't get cold!

We will not be "full-timers" at first, as A) we are not independently wealthy, B) we are not independently wealthy, and C) we are not independently wealthy.  Yes, I know, I know - lots of folks do the full-time adventure-thing and are far from wealthy, but we are not (yet) at the point in our lives where we can cut ties with the working world, sell off our worldly possessions and flit from place to place.  For the time being, we will be "weekenders," doing our best to get out once or twice a month, and explore some of the great camping opportunities in our neck of the woods.  Maybe you'll find something about our travels interesting, and maybe some of the things we Live-n-Learn about will be new to you, too!

Again, thanks for visiting us here, and please check back often to see what new things we've discovered, whether it's some beautiful new piece of nature we've explored or the solution to some technical snafu about RV ownership maybe you're yet to encounter.

See you out on the road soon!

Larry ("Smokey") and Jessica

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