Sunday, October 14, 2018

The "Falcon" gets tagged!

One of the things we learned during the buying process is that RV dealers have to transfer legal title of the RV in question to the new owner within forty-five days of the date of purchase, and that a new buyer cannot obtain a license tag for his new RV until that title transfer is done.  Of course, this process is complicated (a little) if the buyer resides in a state other than the state where he purchased the camper.  Naively, I went to my local DMV office about two weeks after we bought our "Aluminum Falcon" to get a tag for it, where I was told that Camping World in Anniston, Alabama (yes, I know, I know - those two words can be subject for an entirely separate blog post/rant, but we won't do that just now) was yet to submit the title transfer.  I checked again two weeks later - still no title transfer.

I made a call to the sales rep that sold us the camper thirty days after our purchase to ask about all of this, and he seemed perplexed that the transfer hadn't yet been done, but promised to look into it.  Well, I'll give credit where credit is due, as on day forty-three after purchase, I went to the DMV office a third time, and everything was finally in order.  A mere ten dollars and fifteen minutes later, I walked out with the Falcon's tag, marking him as a South Carolina resident, just like his proud owners!

Of course, under the heading "Nothing Can be Simple," the next thing we learn about RV-ing is that the license plate bracket assembly on our camper is all but useless, as it sits too flush to the rear wall to accept a screw or bolt of any length.  As a result, the new tag is zip-tied to the bracket for now (as was the dealer's tag - maybe they experienced the same frustration...) until we figure out a more secure and permanent solution.

All that said, we've got the Falcon prepped for its next mission, to Paris Mountain State Park above Greenville, SC in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for more!

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